Friday, January 2, 2015

Going Rogue

The dance club disaster made the news. A rogue DJ installed a girly light into the crystal ball he turned on New Year’s Eve at midnight. The beam split and struck several men changing their lives forever. Kenny was one of those men.

Kenny’s girlfriend, Bethany, accepted the new situation well. She still loved Kenny even though she is now Amanda. The hardest part for Bethany was Kenny’s new job as a pole dancer. Kenny was in better shape now than ever, even more nimble than Bethany. The pole dancing would be fine with Bethany if it weren’t for the other thing.

Mostly men came to watch Amanda dance at the gentlemen’s club. They also wanted to pay her extra for after hours entertainment. Bethany hated it, all the attention Kenny got. She started to get suspicious when he came in later and later after closing. One day Bethany spied on Kenny. Her fears were affirmed. Kenny was a complete girl, acting like one in every way. She was insatiable. Bethany will need to work hard to keep her sweetheart. She is determined to make it work.

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