Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Contest

Scientists at World University discovered how the Great Shift happened. Massive research revealed the mechanism that caused a small number of people to shift into the body of another when the Earth passed through certain areas of space. They also discovered why the shift always happened between genders.

A device was invented to create the same effect as the Great Shift. The device could be calibrated to affect only certain people. It became tradition at World University after the Great Shift device invention to require all freshmen to partake in a contest where the freshman class would be invited to a party and one random shift would take place.

Max knew about the hazing ritual when he won a full scholarship from World University. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a lifetime even if it meant taking a chance of being shifted in the Contest. Besides, what are the odds? There must be 2,000 students in the freshman class.

Upper classmen went all-out on the party. Max met fellow classmates and enjoyed free food and drinks. Everyone was wondering when the random shift would happen and how they would know who it was that shifted. Word started to spread that the shift already took place!

The thing about a random shift is no one knew who the victims were until the victims reacted. Max knew instantly he was the winner. He also decided to keep it a secret as a defiant act against the upper classmen. He searched the room for his old body, approached, smiled, and asked for a dance. Max discovered his name is Glenda. Max now has a roommate and a significant other.

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