Monday, January 26, 2015

I Can't be Hypnotized

“I want to wear panties,” John said in a hypnotic trance. Everyone at the college party smiled, but held back laughs so as not to break John hypnotic trance. “I like to wear bras,” John continued.

It all started when John said he couldn’t be hypnotized. When John was challenged he accepted knowing with all his heart hypnosis was a joke. Now, John is in a deep trance. Because everyone knew John would never believe he went under they had to make some changes John would believe.

“I like to wear panties,” John started again. “My name is Alice.”

They led John to the 3D printer and strapped him in. An hour later, still in a trance, the new John, or should we say, Alice stepped out of the printer.

It took twenty minutes before people stopped laughing when John was brought out of the trance. That was two months ago and John is finally getting used to life as Alice. He never claimed to be unhypnotizable ever again.

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