Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No Price at All

When Howard was a small boy he was in a car accident. His mom was unconscious behind the wheel with a nasty cut on her forehead; Howard was in the back seat unhurt, but trapped. A kindly witch happened by. Howard begged her to help his mom. The witch refused saying he had nothing to pay her for her help.

Howard started crying inconsolably. A witch’s heart may be cold, but it isn’t made of stone. The witch examined Howard’s mom and said, “I can help her, but you must give me something I want.” Too young to know better, Howard nodded approval. The witch pushed the metal away from Howard’s mom with a gentle touch of her hand. She removed mom from the car and placed her flat on the ground. Touching mom’s forehead the cut disappeared.

The witch reached into the back seat and helped Howard out and brought him to his mother’s side. “She will awake soon and I’ll be gone. She is safe now.” Howard said ‘thank you’ though tears. “You still need to pay for my services,” the witch said crouching to look Howard straight in the eyes. Howard’s eyes became huge ovals. “You will serve other as a woman as my price.” Howard did not understand at first.

Years later Howard reflected on his life before the witch turned him into Beatrice. His mother didn’t recognize him when she regained consciousness. He was a little girl back then. Now he serves his country, helping others in need every day. Deep down Howard knew the witch was not paid. The witch paid Howard for allowing her to help his mother.

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