Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bringing in the New Year Right

The New Year’s Eve party was the best ever with girls and guys drinking, laughing and dancing on the dance floor. Unknown to the crowd, the DJ had a surprise for the crowd tonight. A girly light was installed inside the crystal ball above the center of the dance floor. At midnight The DJ planned on flipping the switch on the girly light; the beam would be split into several streams and dance a jagged walk across the dance floor. Unlucky guys hit by the girly light would go home as a girl instead of with a girl.

The DJ got more and more excited as the midnight hour approached. The crowd got rowdier too. People were screaming for joy, drinking, hooting and hollering, and kissing. With only moments to spare the last song ended. The DJ made the announcement. The countdown began: 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3 a pause.


Another pause for the exact moment.


People yelled, screamed, blew horns and threw confetti to welcome the New Year. A trumpet played Auld Lang Syne from the speakers; people started kissing and dancing. The DJ smiled and flipped the girly light switch. It took a few seconds for people to notice every man the light touched instantly turned into a girl.

A mad rush by the men from the dance floor made it impossible to leave the dance floor. The beams of light raced back and forth across the crowded dance floor in a fast and erratic pattern. The men couldn’t avoid the beams of girly light. Men with a beam racing in their direction stopped and accepted their fate at the final moment. The DJ loved the expression men had when holding their girlfriend’s hand and seeing the light approach. It was so cute to see a boyfriend and girlfriend together one moment and two girls holding hands the next.

Let me introduce four guys that came to the club with their girlfriends and left as ladies. From left to right, meet: Sally, Samantha, Rhonda and Simone. All four should adjust to their new relationship with their girlfriends.


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