Thursday, January 15, 2015

Class Trip

Walter saved all year to join a tour of China with forty-eight his college buddies. He was excited as he found his seat on the tour bus once they landed in Shanghai. The guys started telling stories of hi jinx committed while in college. Ah, and the girls and panty raids.

The guys had a great tour guide. She smiled brightly and pointed out interesting places and scenery. She was also good natured and accepted ribbing by the guys. Everyone was excited for the surprise the tour guide promised.

Toward evening, as most of the bus was enjoying a late afternoon nap, the tour bus pulled into a warehouse bay. The stopping of the bus woke several of the guys, Walter included. The inside of the warehouse was bright and new, unlike the drab outside. “Well boys,” the tour guide smiled, “time for your surprise.”

The guys looked around and at each other with confusion on their face. The tour guide lowered her head and smiled. “Boys. You are in our state of the art 3D printer factory. We need test subjects and you are it.” The guys looked around nervously and for an exit. Walter worked his way to the back of the crowd. “The room is sealed, boys. We can complete our product testing with you boys. Who’s first?”

That was six weeks ago. The boys soon learned to love their bodies and the estate they are living on. Here we see Mandy, the former Walter, finishing a walk around the park near where the boys now reside. He is so glad he joined his buddies from college. Those were good times.

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