Friday, January 23, 2015

Jack Always Pays His Debts

The mafia lost patience with Jack. He owed money, a lot of money, and hasn’t made any progress on repayment. Thirty percent interest rates require huge payments and the business Jack sunk the money into was failing. Now Jack found himself strapped down in a machine. He was given one last chance before the cover was brought down. He had no money and no answer.

His naked body lay on a perfect human shape indentation on the table. The cool, hard plastic chilled Jack until his body heat warmed the material. The cover also had a human shape indentation.  The cover was brought down. The machine whirred and hummed. Jack’s whole body electrified. After his whole body seemed filled with electricity and loud crack rumbled through the machine. Instantly his body twisted, stretched and changed shape. In only a few minutes his body was completely changed. The machine stopped; the cover opened and the woman you see here stepped out.

Jack now makes regular payments on his debt. Working as Sofia, Jack makes good money working in the mafia’s brothel. He should have his debt paid in full in seventeen years.  Here we see Jack leaving for another twelve our shift at the club owned by the mafia. Jack always honors his debts.

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