Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Shout Out For Support

I want to give a loud shout-out to an individual who has made this blog possible. He supported me when everyone else said I was crazy. He helped me pay medical bills for my young daughter that never seem to end. Who is my hero?

He is the business owner that asked to advertise on this blog. The banner to the right for filing your taxes is his. Let me share what I know about the tax program. The software he uses to file your taxes is used in over 30,000 independent tax offices and the online version is not a scaled back copy of the professional version. And he is cheaper than just about any online, prepare your own, tax software I've ever used. Many people qualify for free-file.

The software is already available to estimate your refund and deal with an Affordable healthcare Act issues. I find it very easy to use, intuitive.

Please support the company that made sure my daughter gets the medical help she needs by providing the money I need to pay the doctors. The software is free to use regardless. The refund estimator is free to all. You only pay to file the return and about half the people qualify for free-file. Many more qualify for a discounted rate.

Please support the kind company. You can use the ad to the right or the link below. Thank you.

Krazy Kay

Prepare Your Own Taxes.

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