Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Party Like It's 1999

The government has issued a vortex warning for New Year’s Eve! Earth is passing through a section of space filled with vortexes of all sizes. People are warned to stay home New Year’s Eve or to only visit shielded establishments. The government warns everyone that there is no way science can reverse the effects of a vortex. Over 8,000 people in this country alone have been transformed by a vortex encounter. All safety precautions are advised.

Mark and Rodney heard the warning. “What are the chances a vortex would hit us?” Mark asked Rodney. “I mean, 8000 people out of millions. I say we party and not worry vortexes.” The last part Mark said in his goofy voice. Rodney agreed, “We should have fun and not worry about it.”

So the boys went partying New Year’s Eve. And wouldn’t you know it, a vortex swarm hit the Earth. The number of transformations more than doubled in one night. Most vortexes were small affecting only a few people or only one. Mark and Rodney were standing together discussing which one of them would approach a beautiful woman on the dance floor when the vortex hit them.

The boys never missed a beat. They looked at each other and laughed, turned and pointed at a group of cute guys. They introduced themselves to the cute guys as Ann and Gloria. They had a great time. And the boys got lucky. Their dates took them home.

Happy New Year’s, Everyone!

Be safe!

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