Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A New Wo-man

The car accident left Ralph with serious and significant injuries. Emergency workers were able to extract him from his car without further damage. The doctors did a bang-up job at fixing the cuts and bruises. The cracked ribs healed, the broken leg mended and mental trauma subsided. The one problem the doctors had was the damage to Ralph’s midsection.

When the drunk driver crossed the centerline and hit Ralph’s car head on the dashboard collapsed downward pushing into Ralph’s groin. His pelvis was crushed and his manhood shredded beyond recognition. All the doctors could do was reconstruction. The other problem: there wasn’t enough material to make Ralph a man again. The only choice was to turn Ralph into a woman.

Ralph was unconscious for weeks while the doctors worked furiously to repair the damage to his body. Ralph woke after the reconstruction was done and the healing complete. Though groggy, Ralph knew something was wrong the moment he gained consciousness. A councilor was ready for Ralph and went to work explaining what happened and what had to be done. The councilor showed Ralph his new driver’s license with his new name: Agnes.  That was three years ago. Ralph adjusted well to his new life, don’t you think.

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