Monday, November 7, 2016

The Fighter

There is a legend in the UFC surrounding fighter Valentina Shevchenko. Some say she wandered in from the waste lands of Kyrgyzstan, others say she was once a man who had an unfortunate accident. The story goes like this. A man named Robert Cooper was working the line when a stranger armed with a special gun came to town itching for trouble. Robert was not the kind of man to back down. The stranger started pushing the less fortunate around. Robert protected the less fortunate.

The stranger plotted her revenge. One day as Robert walked in off the line the stranger was waiting in ambush. Before Robert could react the stranger pulled a gun and fired, hitting Robert mid-chest. Normally that would be the end of the story. A trail of blood followed the path Robert crawled to his deathbed. Everyone scattered; no one defended our hero.

But the bullet wasn’t made of lead. It had special powers. No one ever saw Robert again. The same day a woman arrived. She forced the stranger out of town and cleaned up the place. Her name was Valentina Shevchenko. Some say Valentina is really Robert transformed into a woman after the gunshot. They gave her the nickname “bullet”. Valentina didn’t mind. Where ever a man is in need, The Bullet is there to bring justice. You have been warned. Rumor has it Valentina has that magic gun in her possession now. And she is not afraid to turn you into a woman either.