Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FLR Dating Club

Simon has a drawer full of panties he wears faithfully every day; it’s his little secret at work and the mall. But lately he has noticed something isn’t quite right with the panties. The fit is wrong. He has to work his junk around so it is snug inside the panty. If only there was a way to make panties fit him better.

While wasting an afternoon on Facebook, Simon notices an ad scroll by promoting a FLR dating club. Hmm. Simon was intrigued. The ad promised women who are looking for men they can lead around. The part that caught his eye was the women on this dating site liked to cross-dress their men. Simon clicked the ad.

By the weekend he had a date with the beautiful Rebecca. True to form she took hold of the relationship from the start (it is a female lead relationship after all) and controlled Simon’s every move. The panty problem was solved with Rebecca. A full transformation took place. Simon was now Zoe. Three months later Zoe was out on the town with Rebecca. Rebecca kept asking Zoe if she felt different. “Why?” Zoe asked. “Because today you are wearing a magic panty. Today you are a real girl.” Rebecca said. That explained why the panty fit so much better all of a sudden. 


  1. Beautiful!!!!! Just what I needed. Thanks so much Kay. Where is that web site so I can sign up and get a date? I so much want to make this happen!!! Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Zoe

    1. I see the panties fit better now. You look so smooth in front.

    2. Brittany7 Magic panties - a perfect fit every time. Happy Thanksgiving.

    3. Agree Kay, the smooth fit is beautiful! My panties look and feel so much better, I am thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!