Sunday, November 13, 2016

Love of a Girlfriend

I remember the day I met Cindy. She was kind and understanding. I never had a girlfriend before. Cindy made me feel wanted and loved for the first time in my life. She also had some kinky ideas about sex.

Cindy thought it was erotic to dress me up as a woman. I have to admit I liked it too. Wearing panties all the time became natural. Then Cindy put a dress on me and a wig. With makeup I looked like a real girl. The transformation was awesome! I wanted to do me.

Never satisfied, Cindy wanted to go a step further. She encouraged me to start taking hormones. I agreed. Soon I was growing breasts. Once again it started to feel natural. Minor surgery made me look like a woman except for down there. It was so hot making out with Cindy.

Then Cindy wanted me to be her lesbian lover. How could I say no? She set the appointment with the doctor. A few weeks later I had to sit to pee and no more unsightly bulge to deal with. It is so natural I think deep down I was always a girl; a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Lucky for me I found Cindy. BTW, if you see me on the street, my name is Corrine. 

1 comment:

  1. oh my all most all of my life i have been searching for a real girl who would truly understand my desires to become a girl and so would help me finally just become female i want to wear dresses skirts slips panties make up esspecially lipstick oh oh lipstick is just such great fun to put on your lips all of the time and than to also finally become a lesbian gay female oh oh i want this so bad i want to be submissive lesbian girl just lie back and have lesbian sex oh my yes please make me into girlhood!