Sunday, November 6, 2016

Job Description

MaryAnn and Zach worked together developing a plan for MaryAnn’s employer. Her employer was expanding into several new markets around the world and Zach had experience in his personal business in the same area and enjoyed the work so he helped his wife secure the promotion by offering to help out.

The project was going perfect until MaryAnn fell ill. Closing the deal in an eastern market had to happen now. Local consultants demanded MaryAnn do the job or they would back out. Zach knew the project inside and out, but it did not matter to the consultants.

Zach refused to allow his wife’s illness destroy her career. He had a technician from TG Inc. take a DNA sample from MaryAnn. TG Inc. was able to formulate a nanobot that would turn him into an exact copy of MaryAnn. The results were stunning. Here we see Zach after closing the deal. She looks so relaxed. It was a huge commitment on Zach’s part. The process was one-way only. Eventually Zach decided she couldn’t keep asking people to keep calling her Zach so she changed her name to Rachel. It all worked out. MaryAnn recovered; Rachel was offered a job by MaryAnn’s employer; and MaryAnn discovered she preferred a twin sister as a wife over a husband as a spouse. Karma is kind to those who do good deeds.

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