Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Meaning to Play Store

The best way to travel is to ask the locals. Barton visited Elix Prime, a world in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way. Upon arriving he saw a group of beautiful women and asked them the best places to visit. They giggled, grabbed his phone and downloaded an app. Barton examined the new app on his phone. One woman said over her shoulder as she walked away, “Your life will change forever the moment you push the button on that app.”

Barton gathered his luggage in a corner and hit the button. The app opened with sparks. Nobody in the spaceport seemed to notice the sparks flying out of his phone. Barton examined the new app. It had all the places to stay, eat and visit. Then he started to feel funny. That is when he noticed his heaving breasts and sagging clothes. It was a TG App!

The app told Barton he is now Emily and provided him information on a hotel and a clothing store where he could buy a dress and a matching panty/bra set. Emily took her things to the hotel and caught a cab to the store. She bought a new wardrobe for the vacation. It was at the clothing store she discovered the app was produced and distributed by the clothing store eager to sell more panties. Emily shrugged. It was a good idea to sell more women’s clothing.

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