Monday, November 21, 2016

Graduate to Womanhood

The world population was slanting more and more toward male babies. It was assumed nature produced more boys were born than girls due to deaths from war and accidents. But modern life is less stressing and now the population has a large number of males in excess of females. Once again technology has to fix the problem.

A law was passed where a certain number of guys would be turned into girls when they graduated from high school. The goal was to find the guys most likely to adjust to life as a woman. They found just such a guy in Rex. He was an all around tough guy in school, but underneath the veneer was a soft, feminine inside. The scanners picked up on that.

Some guys are up in arms when they are selected for a groin smoothing. Not Rex. He smiled and accepted his fate. Now as Casey she can live life as she was meant to. The old Rex was soon forgotten with the exception of the championship trophy he earned the school as quarterback. You can go a long way from stud to hot babe in the new world order.  Casey wouldn’t know a thing about it.

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  1. If that could only happen I would have been the perfect candidate! zoe