Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Lost Roanoke Colony Finally Found

Ever since 1590 when the settlers of the Roanoke colony disappeared with only two clues (the word “Croatoan” carved on a post and “CRO”onto a tree trunk), people have wondered where the people could have gone. The Lost Colony has captive scientists, historians and archeologists for centuries. Where did the colonists go?

New information using the latest technology from TG Incorporated allows testing of DNA gathered from the original site. The results have allowed scientists to find direct descendants of the colonists living today. Because a large number (over 22,000, all women) of matches found among living people today we know the colonists survived.

The story takes a strange twist when reverse engineering the results. By using the data from living descendants and working back in time, scientists began building a picture of what happened. Salamander (pictured here) was the key to solving the mystery. Once scientists worked back it was discovered only women survived. However, DNA matching the males were found, but altered to make the men female. The genetic code in Salamander has the one key marker that solves why the women and men as women only survived. The proof is irrefutable. Aliens modified the genetic code of the colonists, the first wave of preparation for Earth to be allowed into the Community of Worlds. Scientists now know all the men on Earth will eventually be transformed into girls. As we now know, the universe is a matriarchal place.

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