Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Fresh Start

First the stock market, then the economy, followed by his business failure pushed Alexander over the edge. He couldn’t take anymore. Everything he valued fell apart or was destroyed. He was sick of it. No more Mister Nice Guy. He needed a way to start over with a clean slate, disappear from his creditors, start a new life. But how?

A friend in military research was looking for a volunteer in a new program. The experiment of switching a person’s appearance had numerous military applications. The ultimate adjustment in appearance is to switch genders. Highly trained men could seduce the enemy out of their secrets as long as they switched into a female body.

The process was perfected recently making minor physical changes. Now, a volunteer would be needed for a full transformation. Any issues could be worked out as the experiment was carried out. Alexander knew it was the perfect way to escape his miserable life.

The military made the changes and gave Alexis, Alexander’s new name, a new identity. Alexis would enjoy her new body for a few weeks as the researchers carried out their studies. She could explore the city in her free time without worry about creditors hounding him. As the study approached its end, Alexis really started to enjoy her new life.

The day before the transformation back to Alexander, Alexis hatched a plan. All the old problems were overwhelming, but Alexis is a beautiful woman everyone wants to know. Alexis disappeared into the city. The military never got their chance to finish the research. Alexis didn’t care. She found a sugar daddy and started living the life she deserved.

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