Monday, November 14, 2016

Preg App

Fertility treatments were not working for Sandy. She and Aaron wanted a child so bad it hurt. They did not want to adopt; they wanted their own flesh and blood child. With all options exhausted for Sandy, the doctor turned to Aaron. She recommended a temporary transformation into a woman. Sandy’s egg would be fertilized by his sperm and implanted in his female body. Once the child was born Aaron could be transformed back into his old body.

It was the only option and Aaron accepted the idea as he swallowed hard. This will be a different experience, he thought. Aaron changed his name to Sara for the temporary female time of his life. The egg was fertilized and implanted. Sara and Sandy were so excited as their child grew inside Sara. They discussed birthing options and agreed they wanted a natural birth.

Then the magical day came when their daughter entered the world. The doctors offered Sara the option to return to his old body. She refused. She wanted to feed her daughter naturally. As time went on Sara could not see herself in the role of father. She was always the mother. Sara and Sandy discussed it and it was decided Sandy would be the dad in the house. The transformation was completed. Sandy is now Arthur and dad, while Sara is mom. They are a most beautiful family.

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  1. Nice happy family. Very traditional ... In TG land! ~Olivia