Saturday, November 5, 2016

School's Out For Summer

Marc was excited to graduate from high school. His plan was to have an awesome summer before attending college. The dream ended when he was walking home from the park when a van stopped beside him and three women jumped out and grabbed him. It happened so fast nobody noticed. It was over in a second.

The women tied and gagged Marc. They took him to a lab where they dropped him into a tank filled with nanobots. He could feel his body instantly change. Now Christine faced three women naked and as a girl. The women treated her nice until they took Christine back to the place where they grabbed Marc.

Now she has to walk home and figure out how to explain what happened to everybody. Christine stills wants to go to college so she needs to think about a sorority. The frat house was out unless she wanted to be one of those girls. Come to think of it, the sorority girls work hard to make all the other girls one of those girls. College is going to be different than planned for Christine.

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