Friday, November 18, 2016

Not Much Has Changed

Ever since Robert Cooper took a magic bullet and transformed into Valentina Shevchenko, crime around town is down. The rumor Robert was killed was still accepted as fact, but the coincidence of Valentina showing up the same day Robert disappeared was too much for many to accept. There was one other fact; the muscles on Valentina could only be on a man. Or maybe not.

 Robert defended the downtrodden and victims. While defending an unfortunate he lost his life. But now she is doing more than ever to bring peace to the valley. Bad guys no longer attack the weak. They now want a piece of Valentina, the Bullet. She has been ambushed more times than anyone can count and survived all attacks. Bullets have no effect of her.

Then a new breed of criminal entered the town. They had the audacity to call Valentina the C word. Well, Valentina owns the magic gun used on her when she was Robert. The C word causes an instant reaction from Valentina and the magic gun. The new criminals were not criminals at all; they were men bent on a free ride to womanhood from Valentina. And Valentina had no problem granting their wish.

In the end Valentina did the right thing protecting those in need. Now she is granting the fondest wishes of all men by turning them into girls.

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  1. I'm loving this series and would love to see more if possible.