Friday, November 4, 2016

Thanks to the Wife

Ellen and Brandon were married for three years when the spark started to fade. They needed something to spice it back up again. In private Brandon enjoyed wearing Ellen’s sexiest clothes. It was the one thing that brought back the romance.

New technology saved the day. Recently perfected swapping chambers allowed Ellen and Brandon to experience the relationship from the other side. It was a no-brainer. They went to the local TG Inc. office and were so excited as they stepped into their respective chambers they could hardly stand.
That was three months ago. It seems Ellen and Brandon were meant to be the opposite gender. 

Brandon was addicted the first time he went down on Ellen in his body. It was a warm, salty pleasure Brandon knew he would need the rest of his life. Ellen could not get enough of breast. She spent hours nursing while in Brandon’s body.

Let’s not pretend anymore. They are never going back. The spark is back in the marriage. Our couple is in an adult nursing relationship and the new Ellen can’t get enough protein drink from her husband. The day they stepped into that swapping chamber it was a permanent switch. The same is true for 93% of all clients to the swapping chamber. But you will not see that statistic in the color brochure.

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