Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Accepting Reality

It’s a common sight outside TG Inc. offices in the mid to late afternoon, a young woman sitting on the stairs. The woman always has a look of disbelief on her face, almost like she didn’t think the doctors could do such a good job in one day. The realization she will sit when she has to pee for the rest of her life is setting in.

Barney knew what he wanted, but something in the back of his mind said it wasn’t possible. Taking the leap into womanhood is a big decision and a one-way street. The preparation is surreal. By the time the big day arrives it is almost a dream.

It went so fast, Barney thought. He arrived at TG Inc. at eight and here it was three in the afternoon and it was over. His manhood was gone; no going back. Not that she wanted to go back now that she was Erin. It felt really good. Erin focused real hard to feel her whole body. It was an awesome experience. Now it is time to go home and start a new life.

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