Monday, October 31, 2016

Overcrowding Solved

The cost of the prison system in the Unites States was bankrupting the country. Radical ideas had to be considered. All but the worst drug convictions were turned loose. The only group remaining big enough to make a difference was the sex offenders. And nobody was going to let molesters free.

But there is a subset of offenders most people have no problem with. Guys caught taking a leak behind a tree are not a risk to society. Neither are the guys looking at kiddie girly pictures if that is all they did. To placate society and save serious tax dollars, it was determined sex offenders without a hands-on offense would be turned into girls and then let free.

The cost of transforming a man into a woman is expensive, too. The bleeding heart liberals demanded the highest medical care be provided to the offenders. At $5 million a pop is wasn’t chump change. But with the cost of housing a prisoner now over $100,000 per year it was a way to make room for serious offenders.

The government couldn’t afford to wait for volunteers. Buford was caught with kiddie pics on his work computer and sentenced to prison. The government was able to do an awesome transformation, turning him into Elaine. It took only three months. Every cell of her body was XY now. She is now a model citizen and has learned of the harassment women face every day. In a way Elaine kind of likes the groping.

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