Thursday, November 17, 2016

Six Hours

“Hey, where you guys going?” Crystal wanted to enjoy every last second of her six hour swap. TG Inc. developed a process where a temporary six hour body swap was possible without side effects. If you waited too long and the six hours elapsed, you were stuck with the body you had. A lot of voyeurs took advantage of the offer.

Karl signed up and was matched with Chrystal. The body swap was painless and fast. TG Inc. included a crew to follow the swappers around to record their six hour adventure. Chrystal wanted to see the town. She was so excited by her body. It was tight and hot. With less than an hour remaining, Chrystal wanted one last photo. The crew snapped the picture and started walking away.

Chrystal was left alone in the room. Her crew was abandoning her! They drove off. There was no way Chrystal could walk seven miles in heels back to the TG Inc. office in less than an hour. She left her cell phone at the office so she couldn’t call a cab. She started getting nervous as the realization set in. She wanted to experience life as a woman, but not the remainder of her life.

All was not lost. Four hours later the crew came back and drove Chrystal back the TG Inc. office. Her old body was there with a scowl. “It wasn’t my fault,” Chrystal protested. Chrystal watched the man she once was take her by the arm. It was decided they would live together so they could get on with their lives. Of course, they fell in love. Two attractive people alone in an apartment? What did you expect?

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