Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, Tina

High school is a difficult time in a young boy’s life. All the pressures to perform and fit in can overwhelm a young man. Now Craig has to pull off a birthday party of a lifetime if he is to remain part in the in crowd. His sister, Stacy, had an idea.

The plan was set. Several of Craig’s friends were at the party and it was going so-so. Stacy winked at Craig as the party hats came out. Everyone had a hat. When Craig put his party hat on there was a round of applause. A few seconds later Stacy activated the girly light and pointed it at Craig. A few seconds later, as the room was stunned by the change in Craig, she said, “Happy birthday to me! My name is Tina now. Now it’s your turn.”

The group of boys had no idea what Tina was talking about. All they knew was their buddy Craig instantly turned into a girl in front of them. And a pretty girl at that. As the boys looked back and forth to each other, Stacy turned the girly light back on and set it to sweep the room. One boy after the other transformed, having no chance to escape the inevitable. The room was silent.

The party eventually turned into a slumber party with the jokes giggling.

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  1. Oh goodness! What a fantasy! I'm very glad it ended with a sleepover and not a massive possibly furniture damaging freak out!