Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hotel Room Surprise

Kevin checked into his hotel room for a week-long conference. As he started to unpack he noticed a previous guest left her clothes behind in the drawers and the hotel staff was sloppy, never checking (or cleaning) the drawers. The clothes looked clean and neat. They smelled pretty too.

Kevin put his clothes back in his suit case and started an inventory of the girl clothes. They seemed close to his size! He disrobed and started dressing in the girl clothes. It felt so good. As he settled in he decided he would wear the girl clothes when he was in his room and boy clothes at the conference.

As night approached he slipped into a chemise and panty. It felt so smooth and soft. He fell asleep with a huge smile on his face. The next morning Kevin yawned and walked to the bathroom to pee. He sat down. He was still shaking the cobwebs out of his head. Then he reached down as he was about to release and reality set in. It was smooth down there!

Kevin finished peeing as fast as she could and raced back to the drawers of women’s clothing. It was then he finally noticed the manufacturer: TG Inc. There was no choice. She had to attend the conference, only as Kylee. At least she had a nice outfit to wear.


  1. Great job kay. Loved the cap. Wish i could join Kaylee too. But instrad add some sexy high heeled boots.

  2. why cant this happen to me????