Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Game

Every bar has entertainment for the crowds. Pool tables and darts are the most popular. TG’s Nightclub opened only weeks ago, but packed in the people. After a few drinks the guys got cocky and were willing to play the dart game with special rules: the loser walked through the girly light tunnel.

Everybody called him Odd John. If you ever met the guy you’d know what it meant. Odd John could drink with the best of them and still play a perfect game of darts. He enjoyed taking guys on in a dart game, making the mark think he was too drunk to win. He had another drink while the victim had to walk the tunnel.

But every cocky bastard has his day and Odd John’s was today. Odd John’s mark made it look like he was drinking, but his drinks had no alcohol. Odd John challenged the man to a game of darts when he noticed him stumbling. After the first round Odd John knew he was in for the game of his life. At the final round Odd John lost by a mere point. Odd John was a good sport as you can see. As he walked out the girly light tunnel everyone shouted, “CONNIE!” Before long he was known as Odd Connie. Still played a good game of darts.


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A girl has to eat you know. Thanks

Friday, January 30, 2015


Todd didn’t ask for it. The vortex cluster hit the Earth unannounced. Twenty million men were instantly transformed into women. Todd was one of those men. He was showering when the vortex floated down from the sky, passing through his home, into his shower stall, and over his body. He closed his eyes to rinse soap from his face and when he opened his eyes he was a woman. His wife freaked out when he ran out of the bathroom stark naked.

Todd quit his job and attended college. He has to learn everything about vortexes her could and how to reverse the process. Highly motivated, Todd graduated in three years with the highest grade in the college’s history. From the list of job offers, Todd picked the job that offered the best chances of learning to reverse the vortex phenomenon.

The government required new identification cards for those affected. Todd chose the name Amber. Here we see Amber working hard to find answers. She works 16 hours a day. His wife doesn’t mind; she wants Todd back, too. What Todd refuses to admit is that after all these years he no longer wants his old life back. He likes Amber and her life. She is even seeing a guy on the side, a co-worker, without telling his wife. Don’t you love a happy ending?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Role Reversal

“It’s safer than driving a car,” Stacy told her husband Hugh. “No one has ever had a problem switching back. It’s completely safe.” Hugh heard his wife and was having none of it, safe or not. Hugh has no interest in spending a month as his wife. Besides, it would be so weird to see his body walking around the house and Hugh can’t get himself to visualize his body doing the big nasty.

Stacy refused to give up so easy. After a fantastic bout of lovemaking she convinced Hugh to accept a month switched. That was six months ago. Stacy is okay with the accident; Hugh wants to be angry, but he is getting so used to living as Stacy that he can’t remember what it is like. He feels as if he were a woman his whole life.

The power outage that scrambled their chances of getting their original bodies back was a first. The company put their engineers to work solving the problem. It took two years for them to solve the problem. Too bad Hugh now agrees with Stacy, they want to keep the bodies they are in. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No Price at All

When Howard was a small boy he was in a car accident. His mom was unconscious behind the wheel with a nasty cut on her forehead; Howard was in the back seat unhurt, but trapped. A kindly witch happened by. Howard begged her to help his mom. The witch refused saying he had nothing to pay her for her help.

Howard started crying inconsolably. A witch’s heart may be cold, but it isn’t made of stone. The witch examined Howard’s mom and said, “I can help her, but you must give me something I want.” Too young to know better, Howard nodded approval. The witch pushed the metal away from Howard’s mom with a gentle touch of her hand. She removed mom from the car and placed her flat on the ground. Touching mom’s forehead the cut disappeared.

The witch reached into the back seat and helped Howard out and brought him to his mother’s side. “She will awake soon and I’ll be gone. She is safe now.” Howard said ‘thank you’ though tears. “You still need to pay for my services,” the witch said crouching to look Howard straight in the eyes. Howard’s eyes became huge ovals. “You will serve other as a woman as my price.” Howard did not understand at first.

Years later Howard reflected on his life before the witch turned him into Beatrice. His mother didn’t recognize him when she regained consciousness. He was a little girl back then. Now he serves his country, helping others in need every day. Deep down Howard knew the witch was not paid. The witch paid Howard for allowing her to help his mother.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thy Sister's Keeper

Cherie had had enough of her brother rummaging through her clothes, dressing up and reading her books. Cliff didn’t care what Cherie thought. Her clothes felt so good against his skin even if the fit wasn’t perfect and her choice in reading matched his perfectly. Cliff would keep reading when Cherie entered the room as if she were not there. Dad and mom stopped talking to Cliff about wearing his sister’s clothes because Cliff refused to listen.

It would not be so bad if Cliff didn’t stretch out her clothes, Cherie thought. But he did. When a witch offered Cherie magic dust to sprinkle on her clothes it was an easy sale. Anyone, according to the witch, would turn into her twin if they wore her clothes. Cherie sprinkles the invisible dust on every piece of clothing she had and warned Cliff he’d turn into a girl if he wore her clothes again. Cliff pfffttt’d.

That afternoon Cliff settled into a nice book Cherie was half finished reading and her jeans, sweater, scarf and boots, not to mention her bra and panty. An hour later Cherie walked in. “How you feel, brother?” Cliff ignored her. “My clothes fit better now?” Cliff stopped reading as he did notice Cherie’s clothes did fit better. “I met a witch. She sold me magic dust. I put it on all my clothes.” Cliff put the book down and checked himself out. He was a girl! An exact copy of Cherie! “Don’t worry, sis. I love you and will take care of you. I think I’ll call you Chastity.” Cliff looked at Cherie for a moment and went back to reading her book.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I Can't be Hypnotized

“I want to wear panties,” John said in a hypnotic trance. Everyone at the college party smiled, but held back laughs so as not to break John hypnotic trance. “I like to wear bras,” John continued.

It all started when John said he couldn’t be hypnotized. When John was challenged he accepted knowing with all his heart hypnosis was a joke. Now, John is in a deep trance. Because everyone knew John would never believe he went under they had to make some changes John would believe.

“I like to wear panties,” John started again. “My name is Alice.”

They led John to the 3D printer and strapped him in. An hour later, still in a trance, the new John, or should we say, Alice stepped out of the printer.

It took twenty minutes before people stopped laughing when John was brought out of the trance. That was two months ago and John is finally getting used to life as Alice. He never claimed to be unhypnotizable ever again.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Contest

Scientists at World University discovered how the Great Shift happened. Massive research revealed the mechanism that caused a small number of people to shift into the body of another when the Earth passed through certain areas of space. They also discovered why the shift always happened between genders.

A device was invented to create the same effect as the Great Shift. The device could be calibrated to affect only certain people. It became tradition at World University after the Great Shift device invention to require all freshmen to partake in a contest where the freshman class would be invited to a party and one random shift would take place.

Max knew about the hazing ritual when he won a full scholarship from World University. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a lifetime even if it meant taking a chance of being shifted in the Contest. Besides, what are the odds? There must be 2,000 students in the freshman class.

Upper classmen went all-out on the party. Max met fellow classmates and enjoyed free food and drinks. Everyone was wondering when the random shift would happen and how they would know who it was that shifted. Word started to spread that the shift already took place!

The thing about a random shift is no one knew who the victims were until the victims reacted. Max knew instantly he was the winner. He also decided to keep it a secret as a defiant act against the upper classmen. He searched the room for his old body, approached, smiled, and asked for a dance. Max discovered his name is Glenda. Max now has a roommate and a significant other.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Small Price to Pay

Shopping. Alexandra couldn’t stop shopping for clothes after the Great Shift. Ben was one of the lucky ones, shifting into the beautiful (and wealthy) Alexandra. And he could not get enough dresses: flair dresses, tubedresses, miniskirts, you name it. Good thing he shifted into a rich woman to pay for all the pretty dresses.

No one knows how the Great Shift happened. It happened once and affected about two million worldwide. Scientists say the Earth passed through a vortex in space, but there was no evidence. Ben didn’t care. He went from a poor day-laborer to an uber-rich woman.

The hardest part about the Shift? Alexandra’s husband has an over active sex drive. But as long as Alexandra can have as many dresses as she wants it is a small price to pay.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jack Always Pays His Debts

The mafia lost patience with Jack. He owed money, a lot of money, and hasn’t made any progress on repayment. Thirty percent interest rates require huge payments and the business Jack sunk the money into was failing. Now Jack found himself strapped down in a machine. He was given one last chance before the cover was brought down. He had no money and no answer.

His naked body lay on a perfect human shape indentation on the table. The cool, hard plastic chilled Jack until his body heat warmed the material. The cover also had a human shape indentation.  The cover was brought down. The machine whirred and hummed. Jack’s whole body electrified. After his whole body seemed filled with electricity and loud crack rumbled through the machine. Instantly his body twisted, stretched and changed shape. In only a few minutes his body was completely changed. The machine stopped; the cover opened and the woman you see here stepped out.

Jack now makes regular payments on his debt. Working as Sofia, Jack makes good money working in the mafia’s brothel. He should have his debt paid in full in seventeen years.  Here we see Jack leaving for another twelve our shift at the club owned by the mafia. Jack always honors his debts.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Gunslinger

In the Old West there was a woman known to those who lived long enough as May. Whenever trouble came to town May was sure to follow. Girls were far and few between in those days west of the Mississippi. And for the few brave souls to cross that river came risks and… terrors. Men were cruel to women and children, treating them more as property than as people.

When men came to town looking for some companionship, May seemed to always be there. She kept the girls safe from men with bad intentions on their mind. When the danger had passed, so was May. Like the wind she would disappear.

Some say she was a man at one time, a man that promised a witch he would protect women the rest of his days if she would save his life from a gunshot wound. It sounds impossible, but the greatest gunslinger in the Old West disappeared, never to be heard from again, the same time May arrived. She shots straight and knows how to avoid injury. Too strange to be true? Maybe. Maybe not.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And the Lucky Winner is...

“Oh My God, this feels so good,” Linus said as the nanobots started working. He leaned back and let the microscopically sized machines rewrite every cell in his body. Over the course of an hour he felt his hips widen, his skin soften, his chest grow and his manhood shrink and reform. Linus knew how lucky he was. The cost of a nonobot hot tub bath was more expensive than all but a few could afford.

But Linus was always lucky. He knew it the minute he thumbed through his junk mail. There it was the bonus reward credit card. Usually he tossed these things in the round filing cabinet unopened. But this one was different. A picture of a beautiful woman on the envelope with the words: YOU CAN BE HER. Linus knew what the bonus was immediately. The question was how much did he have to spend to earn the reward? Actually, it turned out to be a lottery of sorts. Each dollar spent was an entry. In three months a lucky winner would be chosen.

Linus examined the new identity card with his new name: Scarlet. He stepped into the hot tub and enjoyed the most relaxing hour of his life. A nice sip of champagne when the process was done and then a little more time soaking in the hot tub as a woman. How lucky can a guy get?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Well Deserved Retirement

Karl’s wife, Alexis, wanted a more caring and tender significant other. Years of working as a lumberjack has left Karl’s skin scarred and twisted; his attitude sharp and raw. The sun baked his face into a stiff leather. Now, at age 40, his body is worn out from two decades of overwork. Even Karl had to admit his joints hurt all the time.

Alexis snuggled up to her rugged man and asked him a favor. She asked him to start a new life with her as a woman, soft and warm. If it meant getting rid of all the aches and pains Karl was open to the idea. He wasn’t as sure about the woman part, but soft, normal skin would be nice. Alexis confessed to Karl she would rather be with a woman than a worn out man. Karl understood.

A nano-shop opened in town last year. Karl knew what it was. So did Alexis. Alexis ordered the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with from the nano-shop. Karl agreed to set an appointment at the naano-shop for a nice soak in one of their nanobot hot tubs.

The next day Alexis drove Karl to the shop for his appointment. The nanobots were programmed and poured into the hot tub. Karl removed his clothes and stepped in slowly; his knees hurt too much to move faster. The nanobots went to work immediately. The water rose to a frothy boil. Karl felt all the pain in his body melt away. A short time later the water settled and Karl stepped out of the hot tub feeling better than he has in years. The pain was all gone!

Alexis helped Karl dry off. She slipped panties and a chemise on him. The young woman working at the nano-shop prepared paperwork for him, changing his name and so forth. She asked Karl what name he wanted to assume. He had no idea. Alexis wanted him to take the name Delilah. Karl was okay with that. Before they left the shop Alexis wanted a picture of Delilah for her scrapbook. Delilah is a looker, don’t you think?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Strong, Beautiful and Kind

“I want to be beautiful,” Sam said to the genie once granted three wishes. “I am just an ugly, scrawny man,” Sam continued. “You must ask for all three wishes first before they are all granted,” the genie reminded.

Sam leaned back against the wall of the cave where he found the lamp the genie was trapped in. He rubbed his pointed chin with his gnarled hand. “Okay, I want to be strong, too,” Sam said. “No problem,” the genie said, reminding, “One more wish.”

“Hmmm. I will be strong and beautiful. What else do I want?” Sam thought as he looked up to the ceiling of the cave. Then it came to him. “I don’t want to be arrogant or rude like so many strong or beautiful people. As my final wish I want to be kind.”

The genie smiled. “You choose well, my friend.” The genie lifted his hand over his head and pushed them forward towards Sam. In a bright flash and odorless water vapor smoke, Sam was transformed to the woman you see here.

Sam looked down at his new body and said with surprise, “But I’m a woman! And I’m black!” The genie nodded. “You and kind, too.” “But…,” Sam started to protest. The genie raised his hand for Sam to stop his protest. “I made you beautiful, strong and kind. In you I created the most beautiful, strong and kind person to ever live. Now live up to your wishes. Go forth as Keisha, into the world, spreading kindness. You are strong to persevere and beautiful so you are noticed and trusted.”

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spirit of Christmas Future

The holidays are hard for people alone. George felt the pain deeper than most. After a long marriage ended in his wife’s death due to illness, George withdrew from the world. In his loneliness he went through the motions of a normal life as if his wife were still alive. For the holidays he decorated the house and put up a tree.

As the holidays neared their end a stranger came to town, a woman with a long flowing cape and a hood. She knew where all the lonely, hurting people lived. Four worthy men were chosen by the stranger. She introduced herself to each man and offered a potion guaranteed to bring happiness and companionship. Each man was told of the one side effect: it changed their gender to female.

George needed no warning. The pain was overwhelming; he would do anything to feel again. He knew the only way to end the melancholy was to change who he was and never look back. George took the cup handed him by the hooded woman and drank deeply. He could feel the liquid spreading throughout his body. He drank again until the cup was empty. He could feel his body change under his clothing.

“When do I feel happiness again?” George asked. “When do I start feeling anything at all again?” “Don’t worry,” the strange woman said. “You will feel loved. I have three others to help. I will bring them here so you can celebrate the holidays right.”

Two hours later the hooded woman returned with three female friends. George and his three new friends sat for a photo. The hooded woman smiled as she showed the ladies the picture. George is second from the left. “Now ladies,” the hooded woman said, “you need to pick a name. Work together in planning your lives. The potion I gave you will attract people to you. Enjoy. The happiness you seek is within you. It always was.” The hooded woman turned and left. George picked the name Roxanne. And the four ladies were never sad or lonely again.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Light Show

Saturday night was always trouble for Raul, the nightclub owner. Filling the place to capacity was easy, but keeping the mix 50/50 male and female was near impossible. Guys would try sneaking in while every female was granted entry. Too many guys wanted in compared to females.

When the salesman offered a solution Raul jumped at it. He installed a girly light in the laser lights. At his command he could make as many girls as he wanted in his club. Raul couldn't wait for the next weekend. No more restricting who entered the club. From now on, first come, first serve.

Saturday night looked like another record crowd. The guys were happy when they learned they were allowed in without waiting. They complained when they realized how few females there were in the club. Raul flipped the switch and the problem was solved. Mark, Andy and Sam were the first hit by the girly light. When Raul noticed the male/female mix was about equal he turned off the girly light and turned on the regular laser light show. Mark, Andy and Sam had a great time as Becky, Amanda and Terri. Too bad their impression they would be turned back into guys at the end of the night was wrong.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cat Got Your Tongue

“Cats are evil,” Larry said under his breath as Felix pranced away with his tail high. Cats are finicky, but Felix takes finicky to another level. And Felix is up to something, Larry could feel it. He knew Felix was more than a cat, he has special powers. I know that sounds strange but cats do have special powers.

When Larry least expected it Felix sprung the trap. He cast the magic spell turning Larry into the ideal human for Felix: a kind, gentle, loving human, one with female parts and a comfortable lap. Before long Larry changed his name to Lynnette. Felix is happier than he’s ever been. Felix never walks away from Lynnette with head and tail up. He takes a lap instead for his bed.

Today Larry wants to take a selfie. Felix jumps right in and does his best photo bomb. Larry is all smiles with Felix. Now Felix wants him to get a boyfriend so they can have a family. And since Felix always gets what he wants…

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Class Trip

Walter saved all year to join a tour of China with forty-eight his college buddies. He was excited as he found his seat on the tour bus once they landed in Shanghai. The guys started telling stories of hi jinx committed while in college. Ah, and the girls and panty raids.

The guys had a great tour guide. She smiled brightly and pointed out interesting places and scenery. She was also good natured and accepted ribbing by the guys. Everyone was excited for the surprise the tour guide promised.

Toward evening, as most of the bus was enjoying a late afternoon nap, the tour bus pulled into a warehouse bay. The stopping of the bus woke several of the guys, Walter included. The inside of the warehouse was bright and new, unlike the drab outside. “Well boys,” the tour guide smiled, “time for your surprise.”

The guys looked around and at each other with confusion on their face. The tour guide lowered her head and smiled. “Boys. You are in our state of the art 3D printer factory. We need test subjects and you are it.” The guys looked around nervously and for an exit. Walter worked his way to the back of the crowd. “The room is sealed, boys. We can complete our product testing with you boys. Who’s first?”

That was six weeks ago. The boys soon learned to love their bodies and the estate they are living on. Here we see Mandy, the former Walter, finishing a walk around the park near where the boys now reside. He is so glad he joined his buddies from college. Those were good times.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jewelry: A Girl's Best Friend

Monica always dreamed of feminizing her husband. The fantasy started shortly after they met in a bar in SoHo. The light reflected off Max’s face and hair in a way that made Monica wish he was a woman. Monica enjoyed beautiful men and women. Max was so gentle and kind, more woman than man in Monica’s mind.

Then a friend introduced Monica to the Jewel of Odan. It looked like a small piece of simple jewelry to Monica. How could this jewel have magical powers? It looked like it might fall apart if dropped. But the dream was too strong. She paid the Benjamin and held the jewel in her hand. Her friend gave instructions on using the jewel properly.

Max held the Jewel of Odan in his left hand as he was told and closed his eyes. He thought of the most beautiful woman he could think of. When he opened his eyes he was that woman. Monica approved.

It was great at first, the sex and all, but Max decided to change his name to Maxine and explore the world. Now Maxine and Monica are roomies. They still share intimate moments together. They also have their own boyfriends who can’t figure out why the girls will not move in with them.

Monica took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh as Maxine planned a night out at the club. “You look so beautiful, my love,” Monica said to the picture she took before Maxine left. Max makes a better girl anyway, Monica thought. Now, how much can I sell this jewel for?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wedded Bliss

Scott was so happy to finally be married to his high school sweetheart, Maggie. The wedding went off without a hitch: the flowers were beautiful, the service divine, the guests all smiles. Scott was more excited about the wedding than Maggie. He wanted everything perfect. He was such a girl that way.

After the day of festivities ended Scott and Maggie went to a hotel room they had booked at a resort. Scott fell back on the bed arms spread wide. “I am exhausted, Maggie. I just want to sleep.”

“Not so fast, dear,” Maggie said as she joined Scott on the bed. She lay on her side by his side and draped an arm across his chest. “There is one last thing to do to finish this day right.”

Scott gave Maggie a quizzical look. She took him by the hand and led him to the hot tub. They undressed and stepped in. After a few moments of playfulness Maggie reached over the edge of the hot tub and showed Scott a packet of preprogrammed nanobots. “What are you doing?” Scott nearly jumped from the hot tub. “You are such a girl, Scott. I want a girl for a husband so we can both win,” Maggie said as the poured the nanobots into the water. The water boiled as the nanobots went to work. A short time later Penelope was born.

That was six months ago. Now Penelope works in the clothing store owned by Maggie. And like a true girl his closet has more shoes than Maggie’s. And they lived in wedded bliss.

Monday, January 12, 2015

On the Road Again

Priorities changed for everyone after the Great Shift. Albert was one of the lucky ones shifting into Tonya. Some people ended up in someone very old and their life was over before it began. But Albert found himself in a beautiful woman filled with energy and a lust for life.

Like many people Albert hit the road to find purpose to his life, maybe find who shifted into his old body, and discover what his new body is craving so. Albert assessed his surroundings and guessed Tonya is a young woman on her own. She had a low paying administrative assistant job with no future and is single. Not wanting that kind of life he filled one bag with clothes and girl things he thought a woman needs and started walking down the road.

Albert learned a lot about life as a woman. He discovered he didn’t need much money with men around. It was easy getting a ride, a place to sleep and a good meal. Albert didn’t feel any of this beneath him. He soon forgot what life was like as a man. He stopped searching for his old body or anything from his old life. The Great Shift was the best thing that happened to him.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Accidents Happen

The car accident left Ralph with serious and significant injuries. Emergency workers were able to extract him from his car without further damage. The doctors did a bang-up job at fixing the cuts and bruises. The cracked ribs healed, the broken leg mended and mental trauma subsided. The one problem the doctors had was the damage to Ralph’s midsection.

 When the drunk driver crossed the centerline and hit Ralph’s car head on the dashboard collapsed downward pushing into Ralph’s groin. His pelvis was crushed and his manhood shredded beyond recognition. All the doctors could do was reconstruction. The other problem: there wasn’t enough material to make Ralph a man again. The only choice was to turn Ralph into a woman.

Ralph was unconscious for weeks while the doctors worked furiously to repair the damage to his body. Ralph woke after the reconstruction was done and the healing complete. Though groggy, Ralph knew something was wrong the moment he gained consciousness. A councilor was ready for Ralph and went to work explaining what happened and what had to be done. The councilor showed Ralph his new driver’s license with his new name: Agnes.  That was three years ago. Ralph adjusted well to his new life, don’t you think.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

You Are What You Wear

Ever since the Great Shift Allison can’t stop shopping: stilettos, dresses, blouses, makeup, and especially undergarments. The Great Shift was more than a few million people changing bodies. It was a paradigm shift.

Rebecca was once Alfred. But the Great Shift put him in the body you see here. He has no idea where his old body is at or who is in it. All he knows is there was a blinding flash in the sky; he fell to the ground from the shock; when he stood up he was in this body. He checked his purse and found a driver’s license. Now he had a place to live and a name.

The changes didn’t stop there. Rebecca had cravings for….ah … a boyfriend. So she shopped for sexy clothes and kept her eyes open for Mister Right. Her close friends knew right away something was wrong. When the subject came up she always confessed she was a Great Shift victim. But she never felt the victim. She felt like one of the lucky ones. He went from a boring, stale life to the exciting, vibrant Rebecca. Rebecca prays there will never be another Great Shift that takes her from this body.

Friday, January 9, 2015

A Real Deal

The super special three-packs online were a deal too good to pass up. Nanobots, like all technologies, keep coming down in price. Some people go for a stronger body with lots of muscles; some want to be taller; some people want to lose weight the easy way. Regardless your desires, nanobots are the technology to get the job done.

All you need is some warm water and jets. Think hot tub or Jacuzzi. Pour in the nanobots and step into a new you. But I warn you, most people get addicted to nanobots quickly. The thrill of change, of being someone different, is intoxicating.

And then the multi-pack special started to hit online. College guys couldn’t resist the temptation to change into the fairer sex. Like the three boys you see here. We’ll call them: Patti, Elena and Mary. They are having fun as you can see. Once the party is over they need to start working so they can get enough money to change back.

Feedback Time

I want this to be the best TG blog I can make it. There are several things I do here deliberately and want your feedback. It’s important to know what you, my faithful readers, want. It’s the only way I can deliver the goods.

For example, I started putting the story below the caption as well as in the caption for people that find the captions hard to read or want more story than picture. Once per day I post a new caption and intend to keep that pace. I was doing more early on, but found the pace too demanding.

Another thing I try to do is have the story no shorter than 150 words with most at the 250 range. If left to my devices I’d experience diarrhea of the keyboard and nobody wants that, do they? To break up the page a little I added some sponsors to pay me for my expenses (I purchase some photos, personal medical bills, etc.) and to give the blog a more commercial feel. (I really want an opinion on this.)

So, here is your chance to give me feedback. Be gentle; I bruise easy. But I want honest feedback. I’ll try to incorporate as many ideas as I can.

Krazy Kay

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Peace Train

“What happened to you?” the stranger asked.

“I… ah… don’t know,” said Josh.

“That must be that train I heard about in the news,” the stranger said pointing to the train behind her.

“We were in the news?” Josh said perplexed. “How could we be on the news already?”

“You’re from that there train, right?”

Josh turned to look back at the train and nodded.

“Well, that there train ran into a vortex. You know, the ones that change men into women. The difference is that this time the whole train disappeared for a day and then showed back up again where it left off. Scientists said it might be because such a large object hit the vortex at high speed.”

“All I remember,” Josh mumbled, “was a lot of yelling and screaming. I can’t even remember anything about missing a whole day.”

“What is your name,” the stranger said as he put his arm around Josh’s shoulders for support. “I can take you to the hospital.”

“My name is…” Josh thought hard. “My name is Rosalie.”

The stranger took Rosalie to the hospital. She checked out healthy. The doctors later discover that the missing man from the train, Josh, was really Rosalie. But that wasn’t until years later when Rosalie and the stranger were married for eighteen months.

A Reminder

A business supporter of this blog has asked me to let you know the IRS will start accepting tax returns January 20th. He is the guy that has the "Prepare Your Own Taxes" button on this page (I'll provide a link in this post).

I am also supposed to tell you you can prepare and file your return immediately. The software company will hold the return until the IRS opens. You can also use the refund estimator right now.

I use this company to prepare my taxes and find it easier than any other online software I've used over the years.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Power of Hope

Hope looked up at the doctor in anticipation. Could a simple accident in a lab with swapping chambers change his life forever?

Three weeks ago Tyler was cleaning the lab working his way through college. It was the perfect fit. He could work a few hours each weekday with extra hours on the weekends. The extra money meant a smaller student loan and something extra for beer money. He was cleaning the panels and the chamber that fateful Friday night. The technicians and student had all gone home. It was a peaceful time to get extra cleaning done in the lab.

What Tyler didn’t know was that the technician in charge forgot to power down the swapping chambers. All the body patterns programmed into the machine that day were still in the queue. While Tyler cleaned a panel he accidentally hit a button. The swapping chamber whirred to life searching for a victim to transform into the pattern caught in the buffer. Tyler had no idea what to do. He just stood there. The swapping chamber doors were open and he knew it would be a bad idea to get close enough to close them.

He slowly backed away and slipped around a table as he made his way to the door. The whirring got louder as the swapping chambers increased the power to complete the programming. Just as Tyler turned to the door to leave a bolt of lightning shot from a swapping chamber and hit Tyler for over a minute. When Tyler woke he was shocked to find himself in a new body.

Doctors were his only hope now. If they couldn’t find a way to reverse the process he would spend the rest of his life as Hope. As the weeks went by he did get more used to living as Hope. Several cute guys asked him out and he has decided he will say yes. Deep down, Tyler doesn’t want the doctors to figure anything out at all. All he can do is hold out hope.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Honey

Phil had the perfect gift for his wife as her birthday approached. He saw an ad on a TG blog for a satin chemise he knew would look super hot on Terri, his wife.  When the package arrived he was so excited. He took the shimmering chemise from the box and laid it on the bed. It looked so sexy.

Visions of Terri wearing the chemise smothered Phil’s mind. How could he ever wait until her birthday to try out the chemise? He checked the house to make sure no one was home and then slipped into the silky smooth fabric. It felt so soft against his skin.

Phil found a wig in Terri’s closet and stilettos. He finished the ensemble with light makeup. He stood in front of the mirror admiring his handiwork when the chemise began to sparkle. Soon it electrified, filling with static electricity. It didn’t hurt, but it certainly tingled the right places in the right way.  When it was over, Phil looked up and saw a woman reflecting in the mirror. Just then Terri walked in. “Didn’t think I knew you wore my clothes, did you, honey?” Terri put her arm around Phil lovingly. “I like you this way. Glad I asked the wizard for the permanent switch. How about we call you Anita?”

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Kind of Body Swap

Kurt worked out six days a week at the gym. His dedication to building the perfect body knew no bounds. Daily workouts, protein drinks, clean eating and plenty of sleep were only the normal routine for Kurt. After a good workout he always relaxed in his hot tub. Once again Kurt purchased any product that promised more results. It showed. Kurt’s body fat was under 7 and his muscle mass was off the charts.

A new product came on the market after nanobots were made available to the public. Nanobots were the new way to sculpt the perfect body. All you did was order the body of your dreams. The company programmed the nanobots to deliver your desired body. The instructions were simple. Pour the small package of nanobots into a hot tub and settle in for a relaxing soak. In a few hours the job was done. The instructions warned that the nanobots made the water bubble furiously. It’s how they worked their magic.

Kurt was so excited when the nanobots arrived. He loved the idea that once the nanobots were in your system they would defend it forever. In other word, once you purchased the body of your dreams it could never be taken away. No further purchases were necessary.

The nanobots indeed did make the water boil as Kurt poured them in. It felt so good as he stepped in. His whole body tingled with pleasure. The hours melted away in no time. The nanobots worked their magic. When it was done he stood up he saw he had a body he didn’t order. In fact, he was a hot woman.

At first Kurt was furious. He called the company to exchange the nanobots for the ones he ordered. He was told there was a mistake. He was accidentally mailed a woman’s nanobots, a woman names Kristen and Kristen received Kurt’s. He was also reminded the process was one-way. He would spend the rest of his life as Kristen. Later as he sat on the edge of his hot tub he had to admit he really had a well-conditioned body with plenty of muscle. Now he had to find where Kristen lived so he could see himself.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Special Delivery

Curt had a secret about to be revealed in a most unusual way. No one knew the fetish he kept from everyone. When his employer sent him on a business trip he took along extra clothes, girl’s clothes. Sometimes it was hard to hide the clothes from his wife so he had to discard it. Eventually it was just cheaper to rent a locker to store his special clothes and breast forms.

A surprise inheritance from a distant uncle gave Curt the added funds needed to buy a new girly wardrobe. He found a TG blog and saw an Amazon ad for women’s clothing and checked it out. He ordered new breast forms, bras, panties, blouses, slacks, dresses, wig, several dresses, pantyhose, and, of course, several satin chemises for sleep time.

No more than the new clothes arrived, Curt was sent on a three week business trip. He packed all the new clothes for a first-time wearing. He drove to his destination with ladies undergarments and a blouse and slacks that weren’t too conspicuous. The first several days he had to himself in his hotel room putting together a sales presentation. He wore only women’s clothes the whole time.

The new clothes had a special feel to them. His skin started to tingle and all facial hair stopped growing. He even thought he looked somewhat different in the mirror. He thought he was really getting into the female role.

Curt tried on a new satin chemise for the evening and went to bed. His whole body felt smooth and soft in the pajamas. It felt good. The next morning he woke to a totally new feeling. He looked down and saw his body. It looked completely female. He felt he did a great job on his makeup. Curt went to change into lounge wear and get his morning cup of coffee. Soon he will realize what really happened. The new clothes from Amazon was laced with nanobots, atom sized machines that can change the form of anything, including a guy to a gal. Curt would take the name Lana after he accepted what happened. And on a good note: Lana finished the business trip by closing the largest account in company history. The boss had no problem with Lana replacing Curt.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It Was the Best of Times

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days; it was a day that started as a boy, it was a day that ended as a girl. And Manny was the happiest of his life. After three years fighting for a job, any job, Manny was desperate. When a national modeling agency put out the call for one special person to fill a job, a unique and special job, Manny was on it.

Manny was surprised by how many guys were willing to have a permanent gender change for a job. It shouldn’t have. Manny not only wanted the job, he was intrigued, even erotically motivated, by the opportunity to spend the last half of his life as a woman. Urges from a young age were suppressed, but not anymore. Manny wanted the job and the new life.

When the call came Manny jumped for joy. He ran to the modeling agency to get the changes made immediately. Now, as Zelda, he is walking home in his new outfit, with a new job and long-term contract, and a signing bonus large enough to go on a major shopping spree. Looks like somebody will have a closet full of new dresses tonight.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Going Rogue

The dance club disaster made the news. A rogue DJ installed a girly light into the crystal ball he turned on New Year’s Eve at midnight. The beam split and struck several men changing their lives forever. Kenny was one of those men.

Kenny’s girlfriend, Bethany, accepted the new situation well. She still loved Kenny even though she is now Amanda. The hardest part for Bethany was Kenny’s new job as a pole dancer. Kenny was in better shape now than ever, even more nimble than Bethany. The pole dancing would be fine with Bethany if it weren’t for the other thing.

Mostly men came to watch Amanda dance at the gentlemen’s club. They also wanted to pay her extra for after hours entertainment. Bethany hated it, all the attention Kenny got. She started to get suspicious when he came in later and later after closing. One day Bethany spied on Kenny. Her fears were affirmed. Kenny was a complete girl, acting like one in every way. She was insatiable. Bethany will need to work hard to keep her sweetheart. She is determined to make it work.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bringing in the New Year Right

The New Year’s Eve party was the best ever with girls and guys drinking, laughing and dancing on the dance floor. Unknown to the crowd, the DJ had a surprise for the crowd tonight. A girly light was installed inside the crystal ball above the center of the dance floor. At midnight The DJ planned on flipping the switch on the girly light; the beam would be split into several streams and dance a jagged walk across the dance floor. Unlucky guys hit by the girly light would go home as a girl instead of with a girl.

The DJ got more and more excited as the midnight hour approached. The crowd got rowdier too. People were screaming for joy, drinking, hooting and hollering, and kissing. With only moments to spare the last song ended. The DJ made the announcement. The countdown began: 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3 a pause.


Another pause for the exact moment.


People yelled, screamed, blew horns and threw confetti to welcome the New Year. A trumpet played Auld Lang Syne from the speakers; people started kissing and dancing. The DJ smiled and flipped the girly light switch. It took a few seconds for people to notice every man the light touched instantly turned into a girl.

A mad rush by the men from the dance floor made it impossible to leave the dance floor. The beams of light raced back and forth across the crowded dance floor in a fast and erratic pattern. The men couldn’t avoid the beams of girly light. Men with a beam racing in their direction stopped and accepted their fate at the final moment. The DJ loved the expression men had when holding their girlfriend’s hand and seeing the light approach. It was so cute to see a boyfriend and girlfriend together one moment and two girls holding hands the next.

Let me introduce four guys that came to the club with their girlfriends and left as ladies. From left to right, meet: Sally, Samantha, Rhonda and Simone. All four should adjust to their new relationship with their girlfriends.


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