Monday, August 10, 2015

The High Cost of Education

Heavy college costs require some students to take on any job they can get. Brad worked hard to get into college and now he did whatever was necessary to pay to stay. His college had opportunities in the lab. New technologies needed test subjects. Once in a while Brad would suffer a minor rash, dizziness or sleepiness when he volunteered for a study. It was all worth it. The fees paid are incredibly high.

The latest study paid more than any other in history. The test required two subjects, preferable boyfriend/girlfriend. The fee was so high that Brad and his girlfriend, Marie, would be set for the remainder of their college careers. Brad talked Marie into it in short order.

The test was simple. Brad and Marie lay on separate beds next to each other. A special leather helmet is fit over the top of the head like a helmet with wires coming out from all directions. The experiment will copy the mind of each individual and write it to the other person’s brain. In effect, they will switch brains. Brad knew it would be hot to live in Marie’s body for a while.

The test went smooth. After playing with their new bodies for a while, Brad dressed in the hottest outfit Marie had in her closet and went out for an interview with the press. The sensation was awesome! Marie enjoyed Brad’s body, but Brad was going wild with Marie’s body.

After their fun and interviews with the press, it was time to have their minds switched back to their original bodies. When the procedure was done Brad sat up confused. He was still in Marie’s body. He had faint images of Marie’s memories, but he was in her body. Marie had a similar experience.

The scientists worked hard to discover the problem. It was soon discovered that the human mind only would allow one transfer. Brad and Marie were stuck in each other’s body. Marie was a little pissed, but Brad was taking it very well.

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