Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Best Wife

My wife and I have an unusual marriage. I am about the same size as Alice and she loves dressing me in her clothes. In a few hours she has me made-over so good I easily pass for a woman. She helped me with speaking lessons until I not only looked and walked like a woman, I sounded like one.

I spend so much time now as a woman I sometimes forget I really am a man. The role modeling has altered my thought process. Alice loves it. She calls me her little Becky. I like life as Becky. I feel sexy and loved. I must admit it is a bit of a rush to turn so many heads.

Alice has become obsessed. We have been married three years now and she doesn’t let me do anything as a man anymore. She keeps training me to be the perfect woman. She admitted to me she prefers women over men and since she loves me so much and we are married she wants m to be her woman. Years ago I might have been able to resist, but no more. Alice had already transformed me into a woman mentally. All that is needed is for my body to catch up.

The day it happened Alice told me while she applied blush to my cheeks. The dress was infused with nanobots. I have heard most men feel a tingling as the nanobots go to work. Not me. I think I was too far along towards womanhood to feel that effect.

Later that night when I undressed and prepared for bed Alice examined me. She smiled at the results. She rubbed her hand along the smooth front of my panties as she put a silk negligee on me. I am a woman. I have been for a very long time. I can’t remember life as a man anymore. I am Alice’s little Becky. And I love who I am.

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