Sunday, August 30, 2015


Secret societies have existed for over 5,000 years. There are even indications of secret societies in ancient Egypt. The most famous of all secret societies is the Illuminati. Since the Middle Ages this group has exerted their power over every nation on Earth.

Control comes in many forms. When the Illuminati wanted to gain more power they either had to convert high ranking government officials or eliminate them. Francis is the most trusted consultant to the King. The King easily accepted the power the Illuminati offered, but the people would pay a price. Francis could not go along with such a scheme.

The Illuminati are never refused. Francis is too powerful an advisor and too valuable to the King and the Illuminati to kill. Francis was tricked into attending an Illuminati meeting. Once in the lodge Francis was grabbed and tied to a chair. A Jewel of Odan was wrapped in his left hand and tied shut. Francis had no idea what the Jewel did.

Sexy women were paraded in front of him. As strong as his moral ethics are he finally had a fleeting thought of debauchery. It was all the Jewel needed to turn Francis into Olga. The Illuminati trained Olga to act like a proper woman. It was announced the King has taken a wife. Now Francis has the King’s ear every night and serves with honor. Some would say it is the best kept secret.

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