Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Magic Lamp

Scott is a treasure hunter with a trained eye. Rare artifacts are his specialty. His skills are highly sought around the world for archaeological finds that baffle the scientific community. Scott’s rare gift of identifying the significance of a piece saves thousands of hours of research.

The magic lamp was always considered a myth. Hopeful amateurs with a fistful of conspiracy theories knew the magic lamp was out there somewhere hidden in the sands of time. Well, sand and time hide their secret well, but time is their enemy.

The archaeological dig of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey of the oldest temple ever found (11,000 years old; 6,000 older than Stonehenge) provided more surprises than any archaeological dig in history. Artifacts never imagined surfaced. The magic lamp was one of those finds.

Scott was called in to the dig to identify many artifacts. The magic lamp did not seem special at first, but Scott knew better after a careful examination. Myth held that the owner of the lamp is granted one wish. Scott knew the legend was only a myth, but it is still fun to think about. Regardless, he was holding the magic lamp written of in the ancient texts.

A young research assistant liked to work late in the lab with Scott. Her name is Samantha and she has an intoxicating hold on Scott. It makes it hard to concentrate at times. While holding the magic lamp in his hands he wished he were a beautiful woman like Samantha. Scott almost stumbled after thinking the thought before he realized he was in Samantha’s body. He turned his head back to see his male body holding the lamp. A shrewd smile told Scott Samantha was in his body; they swapped! Scott still had the skills so Samantha and Scott talked about their situation. It was agreed they would start dating to keep close to each other. Scott would use his experience while Samantha in Scott’s body would be the assistant.  It all worked perfectly. Too perfectly, perhaps, as Samantha and Scott were soon sharing the same bed.

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  1. Great cap kay.
    Think you could do a ghost cap?
    Using a girl in boots? Brunette?
    car breaks down finds an abandoned motel?
    A guy named paul?
    Compulsion to dress up?
    Becomes the woman
    In this Case Cecilia?