Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dress Code

Nate loved Anna, but he could not spent time with her because she lived at the Girl’s School of Perpetual Motion. The religious school did not allow any males on the premises except the priest. The nuns are very protective of their subjects, ah, I mean students. According to the nuns, boys were a bad influence and temptation to the girls. The school provided a purifying enclave where the girls could study and learn about god.

But love is greater than all those things. It says so in the book of Corinthians in the Bible, Chapter 13. This “greatest of all things”, this “love” is something Nate and Anna possessed. They wanted to be together, but were forced to be apart. Nate was open to anything that would bring them together.

There are powers greater than faux gods. Love is the most powerful. Whoever possesses love has the ultimate power, even a devil, or in the case of Nate, a witch. The witch came to Nate knowing his problem; witches know these kinds of things. She promised a spell that would end all their problems. How could Nate not agree?

Nate did not know what to expect when he agreed to allow the witch to solve his problem. The witch untied the pouch attached to her belt and sprinkled dust from the pouch on Nate’s head and shoulders. He became faint for a few moments. As he regained his balance he knew he was changed. He was a girl and wearing the uniform required of all the girls at the school. The witch said his name was Madeline now.

The witch pretended to be Madeline’s mother as she checked him into the school. The witch used her power to cause the school to place Madeline and Anna in the same room. Madeline told Anna what happened and who he is. Anna was so happy to be back with Nate. The lovemaking in their room was torrid. Love is the new religion.

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