Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School

The new school year starting turns all kids crazy. The first day is the craziest as many friends see each other for the first time in months. Dick and Tom picked up their trouble-making where they left off the previous school year. The teachers were already exasperated.

Dick has a special surprise for Tom. He was rummaging through his grandfather’s attic when he found an ancient jewel hidden in the bottom of a very old chest. The boys agreed the jewel would make a perfect ruse to get girls. Their first target was Becky. Becky oood’ed and ahhhh’ed over the jewel. She told Dick and Tom the jewel has special powers because it was a Jewel of Odan. The boys were intrigued.

Dick held the jewel in his left hand as Becky told him and Tom clasped Dick’s hand in a sort of backward handshake. “Now think of a girl and she is yours,” Becky said. “Laura,” Dick said; “Stacy,” Tom said. The boys felt a tingling vibration emanate from their held hands. The feeling raced from its origin throughout their entire bodies. When Dick and Tom regained their breath they were Laura and Stacy. Becky laughed as she walked away. The jewel did everything she was told it does.

Laura and Stacy started making trouble with their new bodies as Laura’s and Stacy’s twins. Nobody would be quite sure who caused the mischief. The new girls took a selfie for the record and continued making their mark in the school. To the teacher’s delight Dick and Tom soon found boyfriends and no longer had time for making problems in the school. 

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