Friday, August 21, 2015

Jane Doe

Requested by: Ftygrl

Some guys really know how to pick’em. Josh would do anything for Dawn, but nothing will ever satisfy the greed of Dawn. For the two years they dated Dawn has controlled and manipulated Josh into one scheme after another. When the heat came down Josh took it. It is a wonder Josh isn’t in prison.

Now Dawn has a new scheme. She wants to rob the most secure jewelry store in town. Why? Because the jewels there, including the coveted Jewel of Odan, are locked away in the store’s safe. Only a handful of men have the money to buy the Jewel of Odan. If offered at a bargain price Dawn would still be the wealthiest woman alive.

Dawn would never rob the store alone. She needs her dimwit boyfriend to help with the robbery and to take the fall. Josh, providing a diversion, will give Dawn the chance she needs to escape.

The plan was set. Dawn managed to bypass security measures and enter the vault. Josh filled his bag quickly with whatever he could grab; Dawn is more discerning. When she finds the Jewel of Odan she holds it up to the light. The sparkle is awesome. Josh stops in his tracks and walks to Dawn. “Can I hold it?” Dawn hands it to Josh. Dawn comes to her senses a moment too late. She forgot for only a second that Josh cannot touch the jewel or he will be… POFF! … a woman.

Dawn forgot the time elapsed watching Josh turn feminine. The alarm sounded. Gates and electric fields trapped the girls in the jewelry shop. The police came and arrested the two.

At the station Dawn was identified. The woman Josh was not in any computer. When asked, Josh could not say who he is. Finally the police admitted they have a Jane Doe. Josh nodded to himself. Of course, Jane Doe. It is as good a name as any. The girls both received four years of prison. Josh enjoyed his stay more than Dawn.


  1. Good caption ; despite the fact that I gave you very, very little to go on. Not being very knowledgable on the "Jewel of Odan " ; is it similar to the "Wand of Change or the Medallion of Zulo ? " Both have been used in numerous stories on "Fictiomania.TV " I believe. Got another idea involving a mother and son, who both need their hair cut or trimmed ; Mom is notoriously cheap and wins a two-fer to the Crowning Touch Salon. I'll send more suggestions shortly. I think you'll like this twisted tale. Please wait until I send the rest of the synopsis for the idea I thought up. Love your captions.

  2. Got another idea. Next to back to school shopping, what else do Moms and Dads dread ? Taking their kids to get a haircut or get their hair styled. As I previously mentioned, Mom gets a two-fer deal and makes an appointment for her and her son to go to the "Crowning Touch ". Her son is a real terror ; however after washing his hair, cutting, and styling it , the owner puts him under a very "special hair- dryer " which plays hidden messages for boys or girls to behave. Mom will be shockedly surprised, as begins to clean his room and worry about his appearance more and asking her advice. Call it "Re-conditioned " if you wish. Looking forward to seeing how you do this one.