Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cleaning Up

It was the greatest job Max ever had. He didn’t think much of it at first, working for a hotel cleaning rooms for little more than minimum wage, but there were hidden benefits. This job was an opportunity to exercise his fetish like never before. As part of the cleaning crew he had the key to every room. He also got to see who was in each room. So, when no one was looking, he took a dress here and a panty there.

Max’s wardrobe of women’s clothing grew fast. He could wear clothes previously worn by sexy women. Before long he had so much extra clothing, he only wore women’s clothes at home and he only wore panties, even at work.

With all the clothes missing and the complaints piling up with management, a trap was set. Management kept the reports of clothing theft secret. Max was the only guy cleaning rooms. It was assumed one of the women was involved. But a hidden camera revealed the truth.

Rather than confront Max, management hatched a plan. Max was starting to use vacant rooms to try on new clothing he stole from guests. It was only a matter of time before Max tried on clothing rigged to catch him. The fateful day came when Max saw two very beautiful women leave a room he needed to clean. He took a full outfit, finished cleaning the room and snuck into the vacant room to dress up as the person he always wanted to be.

As he finished with his makeup, multiple lights started flashing and strobing the room. After a few moments the lights stopped. Max knew instantly they were girly lights. He could feel it in the way the bra, panties and dress fit.

His manager burst into the room. Max had nowhere to run. Max was stunned to find his manager wasn’t mad. He needed the panty thefts to stop; it’s bad for business. But if Max wanted to be a woman his dream has been fulfilled. He was given a new uniform, the ones the female employees wore.

Maxine still cleans rooms for the hotel. She has a clothing allowance so she doesn’t have to steal from guests anymore. In the end everyone won. Maxine is happier than she’s even been. Whoever thought a minimum wage job would have so many fringe benefits?

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