Friday, August 14, 2015

Drinks On Me

Wendy has a secret when it comes to getting huge tips. There was a time not long ago when she made only a fraction of the tips she makes today. Other waitresses and barmaids were raking in money at levels lawyers get paid. Not Wendy, she was — and I mean was — a guy busting his ass serving customers all day long. The tips for a guy like Brian are meager compared to a woman with a ready smile and a big set of…

Okay, you get the drift. Brian did not accept handouts so working through college was his only choice. It was unfair when the female servers made over $2000 some nights and the best night Brian ever had was $532. Most nights he only brought in around $300 in tips and the customers were rude; they wanted a female server and then tipped them 10 times what Brian made.

Brian had no desire to be a woman but economics forced him. He needed the money and he was willing to give up his manhood for big tits, I mean tips. TG Incorporated did a great job of programming the nanobots. A simple dip in the hot tub and Wendy was born.

The first night on the job Wendy put on all the charm she could find and broke the club record for tips: $7409. WOW! Wendy was hooked. She regularly out earned every other server. You can see why. He serves food and drinks with a warm smile and the right amount of cleavage. Brian is never coming back; Wendy is too much fun.


  1. great posts today.....enjoyed the caption, and the photo, and plan to use them myself...

  2. Just drinks? Or is there more?
    Great cap kay.