Friday, August 7, 2015

Changing Room Boutique

Requested by: Ftygrl

The excitement mom felt as the new school year approached was nothing short of ecstatic.  Dad is always off working leaving her home with the kids: Rebecca and James. Therein lays the problem. Becca and James fight like cats and dogs. The incessant bickering is driving mom up a wall.

In an attempt to encourage time to move faster, mom takes the kids out for back to school shopping. The kids need clothes—they keep growing out of the clothes they have. A new store opened in town, the Changing Room Boutique. Everything is on sale and the kids should love the modern changing rooms where you step in and the clothes you are trying are zapped right on you.

You would think the kids would shut up for at least a second when they are getting new stuff. But nooooo! They started arguing—I shit you not—about which sex has it easier in school. Mom could have been putty knifed off the roof. Mom couldn’t take anymore. She grabbed several outfits and pushed them into the kids’ hands. “Go to the changing room,” mom growled as she pointed toward the changing rooms. The kids were not paying attention and missed the sign for which gender goes in which changing room. Before mom could warn them the doors were closed and the changing room was zapping on the outfits.

When the doors opened Rebecca and James stepped out with perfect grace, their bodies switched. They acted proper, like human beings! Mom thought she entered the twilight zone. Her children were acting sane for the first time she could remember since they left the womb. They both just needed a sex change!

The shop owner came running over and apologized for the mishap. She offered to send the kids back through and change them back. Mom thought for a moment as an evil smile crossed her face. “No,” mom said, “I’ll keep’em this way.”


  1. Another excellent caption based on an idea of mine. Caption was tasteful and the text just right. Now Mom has sanity and each of her kids gets a chance to really walk in the others shoes ! Hadn't thought of the clothes being zapped with " Girly - Boy Lights "; my idea was for nano-bots or a mist coming up and causing the switching originally. Do they have their memories intact as the other person ; was that switched over too ? Maybe the shop-owner can sell a new service - Child Behavior ? " Maybe more. Got another idea a greedy girlfriend and her not too-bright boyfriend- involving shop-lifting for love and a special jewelry shop. More later

  2. I love the story, but I think the image is wrong?? shouldn't it show a boy and a girl, not two girls if the boy and girl swapped? If they were both boys going in that would make more sense? Not complaining, just asking?

  3. I agree with you, Anon. The image I use was readily available. Sometimes I can't get the perfect pic, but I try.

    Krazy Kay