Friday, August 28, 2015


Death came unexpected to Owen. A tragic automobile accident ended his life. Owen knew he lived a less than perfect life, but he did not believe in the afterlife. Still, Owen was a good man, helping others often. Imagine his surprise when he went from life to purgatory.

Good deeds do have value and score is kept. Purgatory is that crazy place, a wayside where you get one last chance to do it right, before it is decided which way you go: up or down. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy. Purgatory is different for everyone. For Owen it is a testing ground as a woman.

He has his wings, sort of. They are not well developed and black. They do go well with the hooker boots. Owen lives as Anya in purgatory and works as a model. Anya pleases the crowds, but always works on her faith. This is her last chance and she does not want to blow it.