Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Run for Your Life

The race was like no other. Runners paid for a chance to win millions, but losers paid with their manhood. The race was simple: run a 13.2 mile course, a half marathon. The first across the finish line wins $20 million, the second $10 million, the third $5 million, fourth $2.5 million and fifth $1.25 million. All other runners will be hit by a girly light as they cross the line.

As much as is at risk, the exhilaration was worth it. Paul wanted into the race. He was fast, so fast he held the half marathon record at his college. And he could really use the money. Paul would have to push himself. The runners started the race at staggered times so they could not tell if they were winning or not until they crossed the finish line. Paul needed to keep pushing himself or he could unconsciously slow his pace because he would think his pace was faster.

Paul ran a powerful race. His starting time was in the back of the pack so he knew he would see losing runners transformed in front of him. He started the race hard, but settled into a steady pace he could keep until the finish when he pushed hard. He made good time as he reached his goal. He stepped up his speed as he approached the finish line. He saw three runners turned into girls as they crossed the line. He pushed even harder to win the money and avoid the fate of the losers. He stretched forward as he crossed the finish line and ZAP! Paul is now Angelina, a girl.

Angelina was disappointed as she gave an interview. She asked the reporter where she did place. The reporter laughed and said she was in first place. Paul was shocked! What about the money? The reporter informed Paul there is no money. The whole race was to see how many guys would willingly lose their manhood on a race. Angelina accepted the ruse. She joked with the reporter and enjoyed all the looks the guys gave her in her underwear. She also had an idea how she would earn money to pay for college.

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