Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Right Place at the Right Time

An industrial accident at the nanobot manufacturing facility threw a plume of smoke and nanobot particles into the air over Raccoon City. The corporation assured the residents there was nothing to worry about; the nanobot particles are totally harmless. Some scientists worried that as the nanobots rained down and covered the entire city in a fine dust that some people could have a reaction. The corporation paid the media and low level scientists to debunk the notion on the grounds it is an unproven theory.

The spin doctors turned up the rhetoric when the first reports came in. Men were disappearing all over the city and strange women are showing up claiming to be these lost men. The corporation could debunk the noise because only a small number of men were reported missing. The common ground being that those men who disappeared first were athletic. It would later be discovered that the deep breathing of exercise drew in more nanobot particles.

Then the second wave hit. Boys and young men disappeared. All of them. Alex was one of the young men to disappear. He was attending college in town and lived in the dormitory. When he woke this morning he was a woman. He borrowed some underwear from his girlfriend and took a few selfies for his social media pages and starting calling himself Nicole.

In another day the entire town was female. The news travelled fast. Soon people from around the world were visiting Raccoon City and breathing as deeply as possible. People were jogging that have not jogged in 30 years. But the nanobots were done doing their damage. I guess you just had to be lucky enough to be there when it happened.

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