Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fighting Back

Charles was sick of the abuse. He was different; he admits that, but that is no excuse for the verbal, and sometimes, physical abuse. People refused to listen: he is not gay! People didn’t care. They didn’t understand what it meant to be transgender and they were too simple indeed to learn. At least Charles had one thing going for him; the transition was coming soon. As a girl, Charles thought, people would not treat him so cruelly.

Charles was so excited after the transformation was complete. He wanted to show the world she is Trudy, a real woman. Even though Trudy looked, acted and talked exactly like a woman, people talked, people knew. Then the verbal assaults began anew. The final straw was the pushing. You never push a woman.

Trudy started working three martial arts at once. She practiced each two days a week and rested on Sunday. Soon Trudy became a formidable force to be reckoned with. The next guy that threw insults her way was ignored until he grabbed her and tried to push her to the ground. Trudy put his hand in a wrist lock, gave him a knee in the nuts and kicked out his legs, landing the attacker back flat on the ground.

There were a few more volunteers for Trudy’s humility treatment. Again, people talked, people knew. Trudy gained respect and those that didn’t stayed far enough away out of fear. Trudy took shit from no one.

It wasn’t long before the guys dumped the crap out of their heads and noticed Trudy is a very beautiful woman. Now the guys fight to get a date with her. Rumor has it she is one powerful dynamo in bed. Some women hate her because she is competition, but mostly they love and respect her. Make no mistake, Trudy is all woman. And she knows how to fight back.

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