Thursday, August 13, 2015

Foreign Exchange Student

(Note: I want to give a shout out to Alexis over at She is a very good writer. You'll love her stories and images. She's had some medical issues lately so after you are done here give Alexis a look-see.And take a minute or two to comment wishing her well. Alexis haunts this blog on a regular basis and has provided me with encouragement. I wish her the best. She is one fantastic young lady.)

Luke dreamed of seeing the world. In high school he came up with a great idea. To see exotic places and people he wanted to be a foreign exchange student. It was more work than anticipated, but he managed all the paperwork and for his senior year a host family was chosen for Luke.

China will be Luke’s home for the next year. Nothing compares to the real thing. Luke researched China and the culture, but actually living there is so different. Luke’s host family welcomed him and helped him adjust. It was hard at first. It got easier as time went on. There were a few things that concerned Luke, however.

Luke’s host family has money and lives the lifestyle. He knew he was getting only a small slice of what China is really like living with a wealthy family. The average person in China is as foreign to his host family as he is to China.

The mock holiday concerned Luke. He was told that people dressed and lived as the opposite sex for the holiday. He never heard of such a holiday and figured it would be newsworthy. Luke felt trapped so he went along. He allowed the mother of the house to dress him in a pretty blouse and skirt. After the makeup and wig Luke had to admit it was kind of cool. He really looked like Glenda, the woman he was for a day.

Luke spent the entire holiday acting like a prim and proper woman. As the day neared the end he was ready to go back to his real life. As he changed his clothes he saw he physically changed; he really was a woman now. He questioned his host family and they said they sprinkled TG dust on his clothes and he should feel honored he was the chosen one for the transformation.  Glenda eventually accepted her new life. It’s just that she can never really go home now.


  1. I "haunt" this blog? it almost makes it sound like I'm a ghost that has passed into another dimension..... but seriously, Kay, thank you for the kind words. and for your FYI, I have started a page on Pinterest where I feature "TG Captions I Like." There I post some of my captions, as well as those that I like from other creative and exceptional bloggers. And I do believe that I have seen a few there that have come from your blog. You are improving all of the time, lady. Thanks again, Kay.

  2. I love it to become a Chinese woman / girl myself forever .... . Nice story and image!