Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Home Alone

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wear your sister’s clothes? I have. Many times. Sometimes the thought is so overpowering I can’t think of anything else. With such a powerful drive to dress like my sister is it any wonder I carried out my fantasy?

It never happens often enough; those times when I am home alone for at least several hours. It is pure heaven when it happens. I make sure all the doors are locked before I enter Eleanor’s room. Carefully I pick out the prettiest panty and bra. I remove my clothes and throw them in the wash basket and pick out my day’s attire while naked in Eleanor’s room. I take a deep breath and slowly pull the panty on. Then I put on the bra and adjust it. It is fortunate I am near my sister’s size. I rue the day I grow bigger.

Most days I wear pantyhose and a dress. Today is different. Something is wrong. My heart starts to race. Is someone still at home? Did someone return without me hearing? What would I say if I am caught like this? There is no way to get back to my room unless I do so naked or in panties and a bra. I look both ways down the hall before stepping into the hall.

I know it was a stupid thing to do, but I ran to check the door to make sure it was locked. I should have ran to my room and changed. It was too late. My bedroom and boy clothes are on the other side of the house as I check the door. It’s still locked! Whew! I turned to walk back to my room. As I turned Eleanor was standing there with a grin as she examined me in her underwear.

“Very nice, brother,” she said as she walked around me. “Since you like looking like a girl so much, let me show you something.” She stopped in front of me and pulled out a girly light. She pointed it at me and said, “I always wanted a sister.” I put up my hands, “No!” It was too late.

Mom and dad preferred two daughters. They confessed they knew I was wearing Eleanor’s clothes. My name was officially changed to Monique. I think it is a hot girl’s name. Eleanor and I shop for clothes often now and share clothes too. Deep down I must confess, I really wanted to be caught and always hoped someday I would be a girl. Lucky me.

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