Thursday, August 27, 2015

Best Job Ever

Business was slowing at TG Incorporated. To bolster sales management needed to find more men willing to undergo the transformation everyone knows they want to make. Their great idea was to start a TG magazine and blog. The best writers and photographers were brought in. Success stories from TG Incorporated’s past were showcased.

Company policy required all employees to either be women or dressed as women. TG Incorporated hired men to avoid discrimination lawsuits and to acquire the best writers and photographers. Roger was neither writer nor photographer, but he needed a job so he was willing to don high heels and a skirt to get it. He accepted the receptionist job.

Roger had to admit it was the most enjoyable job he ever had. He was amazed at how well the men turned out as women. Actually, he could not tell who was previously a man unless told. TG Incorporated was sneaky, too. Slowly Roger was maneuvered into a transformation. Within months Roger started dreaming about life as a woman; he was inundated by it all day at work. The company offered several fringe benefits, including a free transformation. It also came with a small raise and a guaranteed job for life if you allowed the company to use you as a promotional piece.

Roger allowed. He could not resist anymore. Seeing how happy all the girls are he took the company’s offer. Like everyone said, it did not hurt, it went fast and it was sooooo cool when you stepped out of that chamber with a small bounce to your chest, a supple buttock and a tight slit between the legs instead of bulky junk.

TG Incorporated’s receptionist at the magazine/blog is Arianne. She once was a man who saw the light. She enjoyed her raise, lifetime job, additional great benefits and the dating scene; it is so much better as a woman.

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