Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pickup at a Bar

Do you know what it feels like to have a woman touch your body all over? To feel her tender hands caress your skin until it shivers with delight? Martin knew that feeling. The feeling of a woman gently rubbing her hands on his smooth skin, over the smooth front where his manhood once lived. You see, Martin is now Katrina.

Martin met his girlfriend one night in a bar after a few too many drinks. She was an angel from heaven. In the morning he was afraid of what he would see when he rolled over in bed. His fear was unfounded as Lady was as beautiful when he was sober as when he was intoxicated. Lady is different from other women Martin dated. She is quiet, soft, gentle and loved caressing his skin.

After a few weeks living with Lady, Martin noticed his skin was softer with a thin layer of fat under his skin, like a woman’s body. Soon afterwards Martin noticed his breasts were sore. More weeks passed as Martin stayed at home while Lady softly touched his body. Martin doesn’t remember the exact moment, but he knew one day he was no longer a man. Every shred of evidence he was a male was gone.

Katrina loves Lady. She can’t help it. He knows what she did to him, but he feels Lady did it out of some weird symbiotic love. Lady enjoyed rubbing the smooth area around Katrina’s waist. Katrina had to admit it felt good. He enjoyed his long life with Lady, whoever she is. Lady seldom spoke, yet she communicated volumes. Katrina and Lady are happy. What more can one ask for.

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