Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thank You, Doctor

The day the doctor broke the news I thought my life was over. An incurable disease with a name so long and unpronounceable I can’t repeat it here ravaged a few select areas of my anatomy. My manhood was most at risk. After all options were exhausted the doctor recommended the removal of the infected parts.

I was reluctant to say the least. But the doctor assured me the surgery would remove the infected parts and leave me healthy. Of course I wanted to live, but I was worried about how I would live life as a man without… you know. The doctor assured me she would handle all the changes herself. When she cracked that grin I knew all would end well.

As you can see the surgery went perfect. The disease is gone and I love my new body. The doctor said I reminded her of a friend that died when she was in college. Her name was Kelly. The doctor had a tear in her eye when I took the name Kelly in honor of her friend. The doctor and I are best friends now.


  1. What a sweet and beautiful story. I often thought if something were to happen or affect my penis I would opt to have it removed too!!!!

  2. I like this story, but I've read it somewhere before.

    1. Anon, sometime when I get too busy I repost a really old caption from years ago. Thanks for being such a long-time reader. I try to get new captions out each day, but usually one or two come from the vault. Since my traffic was lower back then few people even know which caps are reposts.

    2. Kay, it wasn't me that wrote the above comment about seeing it before! Personally it doesn't matter if it is an old one, some of the older ones are worth seeing again and even the picture with a new cap. I personally enjoy all of your posts so don't worry about one person! Anon