Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Power Position

Aaron trained from preschool on for leadership. Colonies need powerful leaders to protect the people from the harsh realities of space travel. The qualities of a powerful leader included a caring hand too. Aaron was trained by the best to lead in the most difficult of situations.

It was discovered early on in the space age that a female always does a better job at leading a new colony. A woman’s compassion coupled with the soothing effect of a beautiful woman lends to a more harmonious society. The harsh realities of the first decades on a new planet are demanding. Meridian Prime had all the earmarks of one of the toughest assignments.

It would take the hardiest of pioneers to settle Meridian Prime. Only the highest trained and skilled leader could pull it off. Aaron was the best but always preferred a station where he could stay a man. Some guys like the idea of a gender swap, but Aaron was happy as is.

Pressure from command made Aaron rethink his position. Other guys handle the transition and even enjoy it, Aaron reasoned. He knew he was needed; in fact, he was the only logical choice. Too many lives were at stake. Aaron agreed to the position. He would be Tess, Queen of Meridian Prime.

Tess loved her body. The trip to Meridian Prime allowed Tess to prepare the pioneers for what awaited them. Tess was the lucky one. The nanobots healed her body constantly; she will live for centuries. The pioneers will build the environmental modules used by their descendants. The original pioneers will be dead by the time they reached Meridian Prime, but Queen Tess will be the constant bulwark to the new society on Meridian and the children of the original colonists.

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  1. I'd love to be in her bra and panty!!!!! Zoe