Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Security

It seemed like such a minor crime at the time. Frank hacked the alien T-net, the galactic version of the internet, and downloaded files he found interesting. Frank was addicted to the information feeds. The things governments did around the galaxy made Earth governments look like pussies.

The security force of the Community of Worlds did a snatch and grab in the dead of night. Frank was off world before any Earth government could lodge a complaint. Now that Frank was in security forces control there was nothing anyone could do.

Prisons around the galaxy have a history of driving men insane. In an act of mercy Frank was given food laced with nanobots. He transformed into a woman in a single afternoon. The nanobots helped reduce his anxiety. For the time being he was still confined to the padded room.

The guards started calling Frank Betty. Betty grew smarter by the day — another side effect of the nanobots her captors did not know was happening. Betty turned into an accomplished seductress. We all know clothes make the man. Well, they make the woman, too, especially if the clothes is lingerie.

Within two months Betty seduced her way out of solitary, out of the prison, and into a guard’s bed. Eventually Betty was given a deal she could not pass up: work securing the T-net or return to prison. It was an easy call. She set up an office in the guard’s home. Betty has padded walls in her office. A reminder of where she could be if she breaks the law again. And she gets to work in her underwear. How cool is that?

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  1. I don't know how you can or will do it, but PLEASE give me a body like Betty!
    Just don't keep me in prison!