Friday, May 20, 2016

Dad is Now Mom

Dear Diary,

Dad is still depressed about mom dying. I have to admit I miss her too. The house feels empty without her. Tommy stays in his room; he could care less about his little sis.

I caught dad trying on mom’s clothes last week. He didn’t see me, I think. He was in tears. Mom and dad were close.

Today dad went to this TG Corp place or something like that. He came home, well, you know, a girl. He tried on one of mom’s bikinis. She looked happy.

I saw the paperwork on the table. We are supposed to call dad Monica now, or mom. Tommy hung his head and asked if he could get the same treatment dad got. Looks like we will have a full house of girls by the weekend. Suits me fine.


  1. Awesome job kay. TG INC rocks.

  2. Good story but actually sad.....I can relate.